• Find whom of your contacts is in the same country or city as you are
  • Discover and Connect with friends when you’re traveling
  • Notify your contacts that you just landed in a new country
  • Protect your privacy when you want to
  • About

    Connect With
    Your Friends
    Easily find who’s
    around when landing
    in a new country
    Reassure Your
    Close Ones
    Let your family and
    friends know when
    you’re back home
    Reach Beyond
    Find your friends around
    the world and plan your
    trips accordingly
    Keep It
    Choose to show
    your city or distance
    to others

    How it works

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    Download the app and register using only your phone number. We will send an SMS with your registration code to activate your account
    Sync Contacts
    Mapptivate will automatically sync your contact list. Whoever has the app will instantly appear under your Mapptivators list
    Use a multitude of filters to locate your friends in a specific city or country. Find out who’s travelling and who’s chilling at home
    When landing in a new city, open mapptivate and notify your contacts who are in the same country about your arrival

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